July 25, 2015

at the drive-ins...

Josephine Baker circa 1920's

at the drive-ins
we stayed 
for the second feature
it was an american film noir 
an entertaining enough 
louis malle rip-off...
the bible's adam came back 
a bill evans fan 
wanted to dress 
like fats waller 
play slink bop sad
fingers bent 
crooked to sound 
he came into being 
dark skin necessity 
under constant Sun 
near rivers and other 
places rain tames thirst...
at first, I imagine 
he arose to catch 
security and tomorrow
climbed, tippy-toed 
dipped and hid
got smart enough 
to declare, he did
turning opportunity 
into repeatable circumstances...

permanent shelter, 
tools and dogma 
soon followed by
forgetful jazz 
clocks and calendars
having a jesus handle 
on runaway infinity
wishing sometimes 
he were, asleep 
at the wheel...
most life, paints itself 
myth and form, you
near warm wobble womb 
a center mass 
of still burning 
magnetic iron core...

this pale blue dot 
water and everything 
everywhere, here
as none of us 
can predict why 
or when bones catch 
a soul and start to breathe
wearing weather as skin
walking and thinking again...
CODA: (Miles said play the rests)

now-a-days we focus 
on tactile titillation(s)
two dimensional emotional
ghost memory almost(s)
false premise property 
and ownership 
we react 
edit our thoughts 
here, where 
the poem ends 
staring at you 
wondering where 
your held quiet goes 
knowing to listen in...

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