July 8, 2015

aah, it is raining outside too, shrewd Lady...

vintage erotic postcard circa late 1800's

aah, it is raining outside too, shrewd Lady... 

(plot device corner rhythm)

Petruchio was on his way 
from made hay, carrying pigs 
to his peasant life 
with Katherine today...

a mottled white bird 
perched a rejoiceful song 
on the sill of her finery 
and outstretched finger...

her breathy exhales 
an ardent window 
and the entirety 
of a world having waited
intently leaning in 
pined to her sate 
and saint kettle whistles...

(the onlooker chorus)

we tended to memory 
like flocks behind 
stockade fencing
our facades painting
the faded faces 
we wrapped around  
all the inside(s) 
of ourselves with...

we closed our eyes 
and wished a
flaring nostril-wide 
tried to catch a scent 
enough to taste 
a tomorrow with you 
in the rain again...

(the melody staged)

she has me 
hand south-ing 
my ordinal bones 
my cardinal sins 
all my why(s) 
and whims 


she says 
tossing to me 
something silky,

"wear me 
and catch hold 
my scent, keep
turning toward me
turning toward me
as that cat in the
poem in the back 
of your top 
dresser drawer..."


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