July 14, 2015

a destroying angel...

'Amanita abrupta'
found in Wayne National Forest,
Athens Co., Ohio, USA ,
a photo by Dan Molter ©

a destroying angel 

she wondered 
if I was too heather-ed 
a tethered and tendered 
upon thee moment 
of anvil to hammer nigh

she looked out the window
and began to recite 
herself with improvisation...

"... the rain will come 
for few days in a row 
a climbed cloud 
to sea again 
therapeutic spawn
crawled all in(s) 
arrested by kingdom fungi 
will you doth rise 
and breathe as we...?"

"...can you be, 
plant and animal 
nutritive wonderment 
and toxic courier 
will you accept 
being born deep rooted 
into a womb-treed land 
as where your seed stands...?"

"...can you know 
where shade and light 
play games of seasons 
between the fight 
of maples, oaks 
and pines..."

"...will you mindfully
cry for us angels...?", 

she asks...

"...with our beautiful skins 
veils, textures 
and surprise...
can you deny 
us, your thrones 
and altars...?"


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