June 21, 2015

carousel odd fish...

carousel odd fish

what time emits says 
work your bones, at least 
until humble wins/ 
this is my working class blues...

I am up tempo manic mostly 
arabesque-ing clever
a wading bird 
knee bent 
waiting light rain, 
after midnight 
before seed birds rise
those still dreaming 
nuzzle tucked that
they're eating 
the quiet too, 
cranes to frogs 
to slow crickets...

and here hear I lie
tired from work 
keeping a promise 
made to myself 
years back 
selfishly enjoying 
the abstractions, locks 
and keys 
not caring 
all that much 
if anyone read 
what I said
writing sounds 
I could remember
resembled words...

for example
sounds this poem makes 
wandering on through
thought-place and wear(s)
of the little more(s)
of you...I keep...
for myself

for things like 
another arbitrary last line 
divination, just to feel
if you read that one too


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