May 6, 2015

when I write about...

Hunter Creek abandoned fruit tree, Curry County, OR,
by Andrew D. Barron ©

when I write about...

old fruit trees
I'll be right about 
being right there 
inside the blood 
and earnest ritual
of a garden 
I may have once had 
inside my mind...

this is why poems steal...
flowers can hold us, they always do
pawning our noses with the promise 
of ripe flesh and taut skin 
hallowed to hollow heart chambers 
waded hunger fills, empty insides waiting...

abandoned fences, lattice trellis, 
other filigree and seed 
traipse trace trundle strewn 
the littering of gravity 
in spent bodied seasons
sweetening death beneath 
trees' open arms 
come Autumn when Winter 
whispers in warnings 
and I write about pies...


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