May 5, 2015

design this poem...

design this poem...

a tailor limb-ed 
eyed speaker 
language whore...

more cloth 
will always be needed 
it chose slow bleeding examination 
alabaster remains explanation process 
writes down science is always going 
to be lagging the miraculous leaps of faith...

and regarding single 
or multi-player game modes-man-ship, 
the poem knows 
time can be measured 
chronological events 
or it could be sewn 
into the movements 
of a soul between 
its every death and birth 
its every Spring to Winter 
and Winter to Spring 
its every stitch to structure 
its every freeing verse 
wearing the words 
where seams 
seem be 
the ways in 
and between 
the meanings 
of things...


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