May 28, 2015

aglow with gentrified re-construction...

Firefighters at the scene of a 5-alarm fire that involved two buildings
at 4th and Washington streets in Troy, N.Y
(Cindy Schultz / Times Union) ©

aglow with gentrified re-construction

the night my town burned down 
an angry mob, hundreds of faceless appeals 
to base instincts gathered 
in a frenzy of momentum 
and spark wanting, 

in an instant a storm rose 
to raze the sky to the ground 

there weren't many folks caught unaware, 
it was a sultry near June evening, 
Summer's proximity pushed the denizens 
to their front stoops for relief 
from the swelter and simmering 
of the steamy day just passed 

remnant veil thermodynamics 
slipped off the asphalt and concrete 
rising with the glow of flames 
ghosts and ash seeking bones
reaching by snap crackling fingers 
from the houses, now burning 
down by the river to where
the Moon might be hiding

there were emergency sirens building
in the distance, full throttled 
noise brigade careens 
between buildings 
and fleeing onlookers 
quickly realizing 
an angry mob could swallow  
as easily as fire could find potential 
in the old row houses 
dilapidated-ly holding onto 
what once was 
in the face 
of a lightning quick 
urban renewal program...


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