April 25, 2015

#NaPoWriMo 2015 no.25

painting by Albert von Keller circa 1870's

she was a daughter of Lilith

a lady moses 
relative infinity 
while on location reporting

she was working the virgin birth myth angles
she was a daughter of Lilith and a documentarian

she heard 
the haints were ready 
to long pole her 
a flat bottomed boat 
across the wide river bend
as saints went marching in...

she saw 
hypnotized warriors 
turned bingo slaves 
dobbers and chips magnetized too
for easy pick up after the caller 
has stopped the game
names mattered not
as there were too many willing 
to cross over either side...

she began 
to be of the mind 
that she would never 
need a promised 
land per se...

so she took her eyes everywhere
and wrote everything down...

she wrote 
she would only find salvation 
when she stopped to discount everything 
and surrender any remaining 
what was and is to be...

modernity and the sneeze 
waged war with overcrowding
using petrol patrolling aerial-batics
contaminants and measures 
meant to supplant the 
promissory cycle 
of destinies 
being attainable things...

she thought, 
human things 
rings, ropes 
and wanting 
a somewhere 
between immortal 
and finite...

what they needed 
was rearranging 
not permanent lost 
teeming dreaming 
psychology jungles 
glass, steel and brick 
plastic disposable 
back to nature 
the toothed regale 
in private collections...

most humans 
she said to herself 
are a pared down 
cupboard-ing bared 
molecules wanting  
heavy clothes 
skin thin enough
see through life here
amidst ambitions once 
algorithm randoms
strewn brokers 
pawning broken(s)...

little miss muffet 
and old mother hubbard 
run brothels now 
pimping beginnings 
at the kindergartens...

most maidens 
these days skip right
adult monotone
or are never seen 
past third 
or fourth grade...

food or fodder 
what is or is nothing, 
the matter baby with 
survival of the fittest 
always having savagery 
to rely on...

it would be reported  
that she was there solely 
looking for cause 
and troubles 
gaining knowledge 
through sacrifice...

would this be suffice 
for the rest of us 
to false righteously 
pass on by 
her washed up body
remark and blame 
not caring 
to acknowledge
we know her name...


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