April 23, 2015

#NaPoWriMo 2015 no.23

Stefan Lochner, Last Judgement, c. 1435 

why I admire and worship the super rich and their myriad triads, conspiracies and mythologies 
(aka an atlas shrugged parasite poem)

I do not aspire one iota to save this fucking world as 
presently constituted...

I keep imagining all its forms, misshapen to 
perfection...humanity, especially mine, as a whole on a 
sole, in a soul and sold as incapable derivative 
speculation, the delicate gambles about natural selection 
are why we make up holidays to suit and soothe us...

I enjoy soft serve Summer time 
self destructive stupidity 
and realizations of just how wide awake 
in America you have to be, to be alive for any length of 
time, prosperous beyond spirit and vine...

I am a random seeker for kicks, picking spectral wounds 
on my skin working the working class gin mills...and they 
all have a scent of their own...bad lighting and dilapidated 
backs of buildings where john lennon(s) turn harpies 
scavenging for heartbeats...

we used to watch in amazement when men went to the 
Moon...we had no heroes we needed to watch in person 
when the telescopes and microscopes said go forth to 
multiply, build a church and we will come to love 
being conquered wagers...

fruits of the virus are for thine is the 
kingdom of more proliferation...angst be for the morally 
stuck on should we or shouldn't we go fuck thee 
self, paint a label on your mind and sit on an cellar shelf...

someday, someone soon 
boondoggle bounty hunter 
might buy into perspective 
you bottle inside...
yet how can anyone ever know 
your seeds and blooms 
even the light of day 
in your eyes when 
you too often 
keep your laughter 
tied to beds in the dark...

never knowing is 
the great underbelly vagaries 
places to bleed wholly poured pure versions of you...

individuation...this is a nation of control freaks...
this world, this contaminate species is all about 
subterfuge and never ending surrenders...

you might get it some day and though murder and waste 
is not for everyone...not for most...not even for a few...the 
chosen ones wield this as love even blessing it for us too...

so indulge  
in hope 
answer their prayers
we can choose 
not to see sometimes, 
as we sometimes do, 
that they are simply 
much much
higher than me, 
much much
higher than you...



  1. We might wonder what makes the mighty few so special ... maybe power and authority is all about being defensive.. love your political verse.

    1. traffic laws, walls, planes, circles and gates...damn, you're probably right...

  2. Fuck the 1%; absolutely loved this proletarian rant, this Beat ballad, this muffled battle cry disguised as disgust, this sarcasm slathered over the inevitability of Congress & justice bought, democracy in the alley with its pants down being sodomized by lobbyists, by liberty having her dress thrown over her head nearly extinguishing her flame; guess I just dug what you put out there.

    1. it's difficult not to howl from the rafters...or conversely, give in to my base instincts and selfish inclinations...so mostly I self deprecate the poems and wear a velvet sense of silly sarcasm instead...some folks might realize time, as progress, began to stop for most of us after 1980...thanks for dropping in...

  3. Nice to know that in this world of politically correct, the spirit of the Beat poets still rant on. We get so numbed to injustice, to being the ones being injusticed, we just sit back and plug our ears and watch vapid reruns on tv to hide a bit from the real. Hayes Spencer is Kanzensakura

  4. You highlighted one of the big issue of the Western world in a powerful manner. We used to think we could change things and at least make this place a better world. it is beginning to be very hard to believe it.

  5. I admire the rant on the ills of our world today ~ I sometimes wonder if we will ever find a way to solve the mess we are in ~ But then again we live in a nation of control freaks ~

  6. ugh.. the mighty ones... they're not in an easy position and some - instead of using their power to change things fall into all sorts of traps..

  7. when the density of people exceeds the size of a community where everyone is important to survive, things go down hill quickly.

  8. Excellent rant. How those in power - of whatever ilk - soon loose their humanity (and gain an inflated ego).
    Anna :o]

  9. Ah yes.. the lantern is within.. not a guiding ship of powered lore.. to wield lighthouses of fear.. and abUNDING MATERIALS collected galore.. or to withhold the fruits of loins.. to only those with.. the rice to pay.. for what once is.. just another animal.. set free.. to be ME.. shining the only light that counts.. in SELF AND OTHERS empowering strength.. lOVE.. and FREEDOM..:)