January 18, 2015

she said she found a way inside the outside...

photo by Hans Bellmer ©

she said she found a way inside the outside

there was nary a night not seeded 
where we weren't spent as needed 
bleeding for our roadside attractive 

she almost dared me to declare
that I wanted to enslave 
her little mechanical things...

idolatries are toiletries and poetry 
every motion whirs gigs clanks 
grease the sun she says 
with blood and ritualized soul 
in groves of trees please yourself 
be hallowed named 
vibrant womb fantasies 
changeling radio playing 
slow earthy jazz and...

I know she wants to fuck again 
it was this meniscus ripe in her eyes 
they are saying, painting the poem 
just ain't gonna pay heed to tides today 
the ferry ride is a journey tow slow start to go 
what we want, they say, is destination free
an electric faceless release 
an orgasm where all my pieces can smell 
your infinity ever grasping to feel me too...


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