January 21, 2015

robert burns wrote poems about witches...

"Tam O'Shanter and the Witches"
an illustration to the poem of Robert Burns,
by John Faed 1892

robert burns wrote poems about witches...

of nannies dancing
and the paying 
handsomely to
which winsome wench 
is said to
leave your soul 
the stone hints
your humanity 
uses to traverse 
the night safely 
through its thrilling 
near danger and
abandonment, lust
is a tidal purity 
much like time 
rhythm and chance
and has many forms
longing for home again

your enchanted see
she dances roil 
courts toil and trouble 
love's easy laughter
rubble to
bubbling spit 
and yes. you forget 
she courts every desire 
of a here ever after

what shadow do you 
cast iron lid slid sit
upon the pot of you 
this life is currently 
swimming without 
a set stroke atop
a fire slow clock turning
what builds morning
light breathless stilled 
to your exhales crawling
from a dark 
and cold place 

he wrote
nannies womb 
was limbs and
songs ready 
to burn your life 
through what it
could awaken 
and be taken 
apart and put
back together with 

and your soul keeps 
digging how her groove 
wears you


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