November 13, 2014

between the alphabets of erode and spawn...

self portrait by Edward Rinaldi ©

sat the arachnids

formula silk safe daylight transcription subscribes ties to electromagnetic field pulse neon dye languages/ ego disconnects, chooses not to speak/ pearls want divers to know blade kiss electron slit miss infinity experiments are prying open what desire possesses of the observation/

holiday season upon us/ festival bang fire, kettle to palm/  town squares circled, evergreen life stealing moments of abandon/ lemming and wildebeest world of carnage, collection and someone is always to blame, say tomorrow is your gold/ the history books want us to keep the television on/ burn salvation when we can/ try never to remember every soul is scented/ a permeation bloom/ salt, sugar, blood, iron and eon/ we keep repeating rituals/ finding the explanations are wolves for sheep/

poems go
predator to prey
pariah to parishioner
deliberate to deluge
inside midnight to dawn
fabric dark
fine smooth 

roadside attraction says
ruminate here
enjoy smiling
know something
no one ever has
to hear
or read

write perfect a poem
tap the root song
keep it to yourself
you’re selfish
the poem only meant
to be thought 
once, never knew 
it was a poem 
just a window 
thrown open 
or a door 
walked through

crave the carved heart
your bones be part
dust and rain
mostly things
you stain your pants
and love with

I just wipe my hands
at my sides, mostly
wear dark clothing
drink in dives
pretend I’m an
omnipresent invisible
laughing sinister to serenade
my mask is purposefully
grotesque, you could not
possibly like me
mad, macabre
and mindful
of joy’s place
at the table