October 15, 2014

let the culling begin...

Painting by Melchior d'Hondecoeter circa 1680

the weekend was seeking balance and disorder

(“the white zone is for loading and unloading only…” Frank Zappa)

birds of prey, birth vector influenzas, autoimmune protocol breakdowns, hemorrhagic fevers and barnyard pop stardom

the rail car cages were for remnant ideologues who might not be afraid enough of the myriad agent population controls loosened upon the teeming bourgeon of the serviced post-industrial society

the luckless pedestrians, we were arresting and amassing here, waiting for processing and pornographic manipulation, on the way to middle of nowhere America…the rest you were already eyes wide awake and sleeping with the enterprising shut ins, loners and hermits, watching too much television…

books were banned not too long after the ebola riots of 2019…who needed the truth to ever get in the way of orderly conduction of a warrant-less world bent on keeping you safe from you…

we knew conversation needed to come back in fashion

over coffee or some other intoxicating drink

modernity loves getting high on the past

there was a waffle house a few miles down the road

we knew some of us were never going to be sated until permanently out of breath

we decided to stage the cockfights in the back behind the tack house/ stuffing motion-sensor vibrator affixed squirrel tails into the asses of the pretty panty less girls we often used to sell the trinkets, drinks and other imbibes/ every weekend we would make a killing from killing/it was a news cycle variant and only part of the viscous underground’s need to bleed out what is and isn’t accepted for public consumption/ and whether it be our souls or the holes in the pockets of Friday night denizen carnival masks, we are always burning with a desire to spend everything on escaping, from and to, here…

Monday was a lifetime away and right now was swept up in a feeling of pure thrill and dirty causes/ naughty eyes and the reach of fingers for more of what the ever bleeding world of vices, sacrifices and the devices spawned between them, have to offer us in the forms of salvation, salience or solvency…