August 7, 2014

precipice lurking...

illustration by Edmund Dulac from Hans Christian Anderson's 'The Little Mermaid'


she said
it seems to me dear
religion is candy glass
a slipper that ain't really meant
to be worn as much
as wearing you down fast
to a pointed no return cycle

a no view-mastering of what life
is to you spiral down spiral drown
breathing in infinity blue,
sunlight and water too
dreaming of ascendancies and descents
daughters between clouds  and rain bent
to a here where you lose me again
gaining the door as prize in exit
every poem says hold on to a together

look, she says
we've made another paper boat
with a candle for a smokestack
what we lack is a keel, rudder and sail masts
so let’s twirl our fingers round the surfaces
cull a storm with wind and waves
brave ourselves ashore somewhere
smitten, bitten, eaten and strange
back to that garden where
we were once naive and unchanged


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