July 30, 2014

incursione in emozione classica...

‘Venere di Urbino’ Titian c1538

tourniquet capriccio

I fell into your beauty
as if it were a sorrow
a fine china broken
I enjoyed the seed
the doorstep threshing
a future past
entrance examinations

today you said
was always a matter
of my eyes spending time 
with spied intentions
caught or otherwise
surrendered to tides
and skies

you said
I was soul-black
pooling night’s escape
onto canvases
thin menisci and
teleportation devices
that I wanted to create
a keyed brush stroking
flash-bang-grenade effect
to disappear and reappear
inside desire

but you saw
I could only afford
to fade frenzy away
rusting in abandoned parts
I had never thought
to ask if you liked
before I discarded
any possibility
or symbiotic telemetry
of what we wanted to be

so you said poach me
a still as you can life 
a silt slippery meaning
beyond any expression
you found clever
and paint something
with a scent of me
inside your bleeding
here is where
we will begin
where love
stops receding


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