June 11, 2014

the breaking fast is worth it...

Alexandre Jacques Chantron  'charmeuse' circa 1907

i was thirsty for her Jericho this year
(there were vinifera, vials and drums)

in goddess centrifugal worship
the vineyards were where
we knelt felt fiber dealt
stone sieve to sewn

coal to life-bone
diamond-ing one hand
in timed surprise
a finger pressing
attention to your lips
quiet bloom
of persona, anima, shadow
wondering whether here is… 

ever you or me with a worn weathered look
wanting to see conscious beginnings
what seeks an end
what compacts ritual sun
to rise or set
what folds into
the moon blessing wet
does tidal pull not let us forget
we are artifice
the part of us
in humane orbit
gravity, gardens
and sound

you remember, eve
the pine garland smells
the petal sap sticky thorn
broad leaf stamen stains
you said i surrendered
to base alkaloid brain
whenever i tricked myself into
thickly throes thinned and applied

i wanted you
poster sinner
what iron wrought
forge naught reason but desire
fire aught never be bought
though sought parts of you and me
have always fought to story
archetype and destiny
names inside glory disguised
patterned ebbs, sand and sea
flows and clocks and what you taught me
to look for in the skies minding over us

a taut laudanum sanctuary
for the self is a foggy island
on an inland sea
echo, siren
and night
waiting for light
to break us
you and me

we however
are coupled to ambulatory articulation  
we are always combing beaches
reaches rooting our parts for hair and facilitation
what we may have discarded when we were faithless enough
for divine intervention and coarse instrumentation
how we always liked burning the landscapes
how we always have cellular remorse
how we always embrace a peruse of a place
we always hope our core soul can grow into
when we begin to love being sold
for the first time

at the corner
of Horus and Dionysus
i preach
giving away
what i bottle
vintner memory
you in red
ripe and sumptuous
calling the junes


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