May 10, 2014

opera dei pupi...

Félicien Rops, The Cold Devils c. 1860

minerva and diomedes

high test reasons
chaos rebellion
gallow tree seasons
gallant sultry edifications
humanity as ecclesiastic skies
to cave gravity formations

we found choice seats
near the middle far side
wanted to see entrances
stage pauper to king
theater slavery migrations
our histories
puppet pulpit grindstone(d)
wind driven
we are tested
for time, positive
what we keep best
are empty depots, silos
and consumable circles

the particulars, particulates,
eons and amulets
are what carves us
bone, fire, rage
and soothing voices
what reduces us
to seeking the beginning of pearls
the scattering of this language
in the ash and rain


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