April 18, 2014

NaPoWriMo 2014 #13

'rainy evening' by Nisheedhi Adukuri
found here

more raining submissions

I say to myself
I do not want or
need to be published
or obeyed

I am being
passively aggressive
wanton through divergent glass
playing the transparencies
as a cavalier and apathetic

I have an appetite
for flimsy grandiosity
for floozy clever construction
for what makes me woozy
I like the dizzying heights
of almost there and lucky

can I complete a square
without the right angle
I think not, then maybe
I wonder and wear myself
thin as a starved railbird
playing long shots
as if they were ritual
days of auspicious obligations

I pretend I am king midas
bargaining any hope I can
for a little depth to my soul
or something that keeps me
until that moment again
when I have to fly or fall
leaning slowly, surely
tide, tithe and pour


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