March 10, 2014


illustration by Louis Le Breton from the Dictionnaire Infernal by Jacques Auguste Simon Collin de Plancy (1818)

watching the coal mines entertain
(travelling train human folly roll by)

dance of scratch
and ritual
we holler
collared lotteries
barker-ed entrances
exams given
pieced by eight

we are slag-flesh
fresh time stamps
we are disposable moments
written about
in the margins
of a captain’s
and accountant’s log

we are
the mouths
the many
we are desperate
we are hot metal
held against skin
chains and wheels
clack rhythm sleep
we are hopefully
again next year
little scars souls
grow into
what they want
to win

yes, I sang
every lungful
of this song
reeks of it

we are bread
and furnace ovens
we are a desert night
we are the quiet
and the bones
we are the poured
back to life
the glass and wine
the swim to crawl
we are all about
the yeast in shadows

most times
we are
counting ways
we cup
what we covet

we even fill
with an empty
of reason
to hunger
for any more

we are cyclical fats
proteins between roots
we cling, reading leaves
we are stories
we tell so well
over and over again
we are bamboo cricket cages
we are what we rave about

sudden smiles
washing over white
good luck apparitions
neon, we are apparently aglow
we are angels now
stealing everyone else’s dreams

we speak
miles of open road
sandwich sign saying
give us your skeleton key
we thirst to be inside
your sate and infinity
we have limbs for your eyes
noses for your memories


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