March 6, 2014

tree, sound, shh...

painting by Luis Ricard Falero (1851-1896)

verisimilitude renditions (smiles that feed)

I want photo-ops
scratch and sniff interactivity
I want nurture and naughty
I want nasty and nice
I want a sign chemical variant nobility
I want patient and adaptable  

I want impossible sometimes
something not figured out fully
I want my allegiance pledged blind
her entire scent forest to the rind
her attired cycles honed, her raw earthen bones
I want her taste surrenders
I want rain and wind to lace her name
I want her clay, kiln, paint and glaze
to cup my soul’s empty

I want the chaos 
to be love
to set me on fire
to fill each till
with seed
and salvation
for right now
for ripe grapes
for beauty and sin
for wine and spill

I want
my memory willing
to have stained soles
my soul too
painted by a you
who knows
my telemetries
my whorled
rune maps
my palm prints
right here
tonguing time
and feeling
slow tracing
and stopping
to enjoy
the rest
of you


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