March 1, 2014

postmortem to amniotic certainties...

ash and the bone-yard banking system of this land is your land

we followed yesterday
strung out on commodities
siphoning gas
from a early seventies Chrysler Newport
two tones of land yacht
feather touch thirst for asphalt
vinyl top and seats

had a hose in hand to mouth
to bucket coordination plan
ready to meet tomorrow
who has the greasy rags
and empty bottles today isn’t using

we followed yesterday
somewhere beyond the hands
past turning clock worlds
with their shifting haze and glitter
we followed yesterday
curling into an off street
back corner of a parking lot
near where suburbia
starts to bleed out

we followed yesterday
as best we could
never trusting
the go-go-go world to put up
pertinent street signs
for the corrals

we followed yesterday
avoiding the detection scanners
surrendering to the shadows
moving away
from the grow lights
on metal poles
out of sight
of the passing police cruiser
fishing for not in the right mold to jail
because that’s what this security state nation
was bred to do
eat the fear and wear
its’ bastard skins
attach oneself to fetal petal want
to sagebrush rooted in Dante’s second circle

we followed yesterday
as best we could
as it sought out the trees
and the coal stains
of service paths turned alleys
we read what the ghosts of horses
knew the street would sweep up to burn

we kept trying
to follow to see
what yesterday brought
not once realizing
that today was
the mastermind after all
always in charge
whispering to tomorrow
what to do with itself

we didn’t realize
about what today
might bring
until we heard
the sirens and saw
thirsty flames
turning the corner
of page and want
their rising glow
coming out of a brick building
with its many windows
acting as the mouths
we starve for air

they sang
tearing and
names for fire
on all the accounts
and old houses
slavery built
to keep
when these lands
became towns


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