March 12, 2014

mid march ides...

art by Ericailcane ©

trading time-travelled-placing bullwhip cracks for organ samples

hundreds of years from now
history will want to know
where it came from

they were catalogued
legions of them
dusty mason jars
odd liquid held silhouettes
stirring me with puppetry
in front of my helmet lighting

we pried open
one nailed door
after another each time
our eyes were caught
speed of sound sneezing

our mythologies are cavalries
and long battle forays
they explain by painting
how we weapon-ized animals
how we harnessed commodities into spears

why we still seek
record and control
carve and groove
irrationally rhythm-ed
ritualized worships
every element
a survival technique
and seduction
we humans are either
mindful of or still taking
for granted

many times
a voice will say stop
fall here
leap here
dark portals
are always near
tell yourself
you have seen this
all before
televised maybe
a dream novella
a fantasy future
hurriedly buried
in a colorful paperback narrative
of wanting to be found again
piecing together sand grains
a poem of mountains
and rivers once
long ago


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