March 3, 2014

bring on the old man's funeral...

dining car, Baltimore and Ohio Railroad circa 1895

stake depot, order up 

the cook says
dream walden
scum to tadpole
so you may poem
to spawn slag
so you may coagulate
wound magnet springs
furtive tongue warms
feckless toothed assaults
cut into heart beats
made to order
sensibly mad behavior
relative to your survival

we ritualize and revive
your animal crowns
the kingdom moments
you have found
with enough bones
to burn serenity
into any lost time
you've ever had
without words

like a watch worn
where one watches
oneself devolve
when wanting to know
when or why

early velvet
and horns matter
to the plenty of ways
one can hide a soul
in scars and chars
outside of any clock
inside every daughter,
wife and mother
in the rain


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