February 19, 2014

today is silver plate imagery...

“Cupid and Centaur” by Joel-Peter Witkin (1992) ©

yesterday was
lithograph on paper

I stopped for a bit
to make more coffee
marijuana smoke lingered 
in exhales draped
as the ashtray mouth
on the main table
slow bellowed
a gold grey
swirling column
of pretty dust and light

there were
wood shavings
tide chaos
of inspiration
and madness
old knives and
old presses turning
wines and ink stains
into things
words never say

go ahead poet
write where the words
take you to
what they take
from you
a few wings
the fine things
fallow rings
time to sing mostly
though only
enough time 
for you to stop and
remember being

a tainted known
and pure mystery
a koan cradle
and bones loaned
to be


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