February 13, 2014

staccato whorled sugared lips...

photo, from City of Toronto archives, taken in 1910 by William James (1866–1948)

I put amphetamines in the coffee

the morning was to be called
“absolution by laughter’
we promoted communication
by slyly stilling our smiles
to velvet aggrandizements

the rafters were strewn
with cottage paper
colored bits of gum once
and advertisements
we wished through
days before

we had found an old jar
preserved botanicals and fungi
soapstone smooth we went
thinking it would be storefronts lit
an empty street kind of theater

one act
a candle
to macabre
a lone spotlight
to black and deep violet
curtains lining an end

she wore rickety
I swore jalopy
and we sauntered
in slow spawn
mechanical leans

we could see
jaunted jointed
jubilant sometimes
joisted to rain
for a crusted edge
a cracked veneer ledge
a rust that could ride us
caged slow molecular heroes
covering our bones
in a here to there
skin to ware
flesh to where
divination can bore us
porthole Stanislavski methodologies
each one of us
each other’s peep show
and pocket
full of nickels


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