December 12, 2013

eat, drink and be merry...

"Feast of Fools” Joel-Peter Witkin © 1990


a memory
of redundant

in a christmas
for instance
where one 
wasn't one

the chorus
hides the light

during Saturnalia
we are a roving
theater stage
an audience participation
a dinner shuffle soft shoe
a festival in sand sounded
chained mumble mumbles

marley we number
we rarely feel
humble enough
deep down inside
we’ve found ourselves in
another midnight tided
another thought-swelled
another pocketed hand
another dug moment
we turn away
from the cold
when winter comes

and as if stars against
a black moonless sky
choral faces replace
image with scent
to ghost the wind
with song

you are
we are
the rabbit holes  
wishing we
were somewhere
between empty
and filled
without time
who searches
beet pollen
fava bean cakes
tiny cuts and measures
beauty steals
when feeding desire

all us lords
and ladies
in a sauced 
lovely misrule

EJR © 

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  1. I've read it over and over again ... Thank you for sharing.