October 14, 2013

the show must go on...

art by Michael Hutter ©

anatomical and geometrical desire

tided to turns
burns in revivalist
revisionist fervor
its slake populace
becoming survival pontiffs
claiming to know
street corner wares
begat every point
every reference for more

with a molecular cellular
Tesla dreams
conduct many
whose madness
is cattle controllable
a mayhem-ed anthem

songs of the soul
if ye will that may
or may not transcribe
crawled scratching
along this spun stone

the heart is a hopped
furnace gravity
our physical shapes
are the elements arranged
free will and creativity
versus chained mundane

is it possible
we are
too not strange
too predicated
on bright bling-ful
Pavlovian jones-ing

maybe everything is an illusion
lush velvet curtains
the certainty of marksmanship
spot light angels and shadows
covering comforts
between our combustions
and the cold

our eyes have always
courted aphrodisiacs
our noses have always
kept counting

there are no numbers needed
in order to remember why
we keep culling whispers
alone at night
under the stars
between sine and cosine
for something divine
inside or outside
of ourselves


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