June 12, 2013

turning in a scorecard of absence...

I was over par in my dream

I stood along the 7th fairway
there were hundreds of tables
food and wares set up
for some kind of function
celebrating the town’s orphans
there were roaming packs
of boisterous kids
they kept stealing my golf balls
seemed there was enough light to play
though I kept wondering why
the pro shop sold me a ticket
I hardly had room to make a swing
and at one point I took off my shoes
to retrieve a ball I hit into the water
and when I turned around with my found Titleist
my shoes were gone

it was as if this world had turned upside down
and all the quiet sanctuaries were being taken
by children who had for most of their lives been ignored
it is hard to say if I was angry or just dismayed
though I attempted to play on
the pursuit of perfection
a connection to kinetic and potential
with each articulation of limb and thought
I ought to carry my bag back to the car
but I resisted and insisted on getting through
each pocket of laughter and mischief
covering each blade of grass
as if the rain turned sugar
and the ants had dreams too
children they were
seeking two legs
and my skies that were blue


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