May 2, 2013

will the lilacs be late this year...

wish vicious tangled

I tear myself apart
I rub the genie bottle
I argue
be a narrator guide
for your own soul, Edward
everyone will understand you
you'll remember songs
you never learned before
say the word, love
out loud like poets do
at the knife edge
of rivers

howl like Spring
take to seeding the air
with scented expressions
like horny poets do
like jack in the boxes
names are irrelevant
everyone will get the picture
be the poem
inside the nadir-apex journey
riding coal to diamonds
every story has to be told
whether in the stain of glass
or verbs affixed to nouns
and the past

you told me to kneel
and I thought I was praying
you told me to starve hunger
when I really wanted to eat
to tremble my focus
to stretch slowly
to move with grace
to be mindful
of place
and attachment
to permanence
to not expect
a masterpiece
though as we know
sometimes stars
release their dead



  1. Amazing. I learn so much from you. Especially love the ending.

  2. whatever the reason for your sojourn Edward, you've begun it spectacularly. You are loved.