April 29, 2013

NaPoWriMo 2013 # 29

'Tartini's Dream' by L. Boilly 1824

Paganini was Nero re-incarnate

Yes, maestro
your love will be there
she will fill your songs
with ample bread and wine

she will howl arched
against the cracked hulls
of seeds and time
curling clocks
from around her lips
she will jowl the moon
as if every tree
were to be
a note on the great score
of a never-ending movement

my dreams for humanity, maestro
hold me to this thought
of becoming wings carving air
your love says to give her
what a soul sees
eyes are the bridges
and faith be rope
taut and walked over this unseen

every side
of this world’s desire
is now a mechanical entry
even da Vinci says
there is no sacred
or mystery left here
having already burned
the west into romantic
we all close
the curtain eventually


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