April 19, 2013

NaPoWriMo 2013 # 19

between truth and the sandwiching of ideas, eating what lies ahead

ghost whispered johnstowns
trojan horse collar
a fault based regime again

we dig ourselves, wet knees
in remnant freshwater clam beds 
at Dawn's low tide
the iron filing air
taking hold of our lungs
is daring us
to undo the stitching
the curve of the horizon
heeding the ancient beckoning
of agrarian cycles
plow, seed, scythe, feed
fences up, along exploratory water ways
we grew protection like stolen vines
empirical measurements 
turned avenues and streets
reloaded muzzles, flint caps and balls
all have sped the time
we became aware
between shots fired
and projectile gardens

in modernity
we seek molecular movement 
slowed down
we are not sure 
of anything anymore
information streams
rein us in
at a rate that causes 
our capabilities to spillover
the social levees
past the rent due

we beg at night
to foreclose
on gravity's
full intention
clean sweeping
down the old valleys
we built settlement
after settlement on
slaves, indentured
company owned
work, service
cabals, chattel
caste to horde
culture here
a deck of cards
at a table
in the back
of a saloon
is the only church
we buy into
chance with

each comfort
that stills a man
of motivation
overcomes him
in a paid silence

each word
is taken
as a relative means
of comparison and analysis
between us
we all have emotions
some of us can afford
to lock ours away
behind earthen dams
and the fortifications
of baptism
the water, water everywhere
the bankers shot
the mariner rhyme
and our zeal
for trophies
and taxidermy

this town used to have a river
but now only sleepy reminders
slow footed uneasys
breezy marshland paradises
with built up wooden walks rising above
the flood tide sketch side of life here
where ancient silt deposits have run
thick fertile fingers
clay and sand beneath us
our porticos and painted shutters
nailed to brick row houses
where, we used to laugh
when we weren't so busy
ignoring the reign


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