April 15, 2013

NaPoWriMo 2013 # 15

photo courtesy of  U.S. Forestry Service

when they peddle, pin cushion aster poly-phonicus, hold your breathe baby
(why the process of scent bloom always matters)

you say this is what you overheard
at the tent quiet dark edge of town

"...with these flowers we will sell to you
the tangible procurements from lives of crime
without having to risk your own necks
we peddle Shirley Jacksonian hope methodologies
metal dust specked with machines of the stamen
they are tiny metals, petal antennae
they want to know what smells good to you..."

"...seeking answers to questions not yet asked
they are vined to the organic molecular substrate
replication mechanics inside cultured intelligence
gears and solid outer laminates protect
the arterial-less plasma interchange..."

"...this transport system of applied chemical nano-agents
allows the host to respond more adaptively
to programming intent and consequences
cross intended stimuli are no longer
a paradox seeking emotional heaven
there is a fail-safe option
if you are not satisfied
with the returns
from your purchased shares..."

"...a permanent paralysis
at the hands of the sweetest
smell one can imagine
caught into waking, a wading sheep 
smiling, grazing blissfully deep
sent away to the insides of these farms
that are virtual assumptions
that are hard to see
outside the written world..."

"...and we are chock full
of organ donor farms
we aim to satisfy
the blood thirst
of every colony
and its marauder
we take great pleasure 
serving all of you
with our operations and
top quality insurance plans
we keep the price safety
of your investment secure
as we are confident
in our being able to supply
the finest grade
third rock from
the little yellow star
original sin meat toys..."

"...all you extraterrestrials
who never had a body and
were always parasites to host
all you viral contaminants
still must want to know
what a luxury, the taste
of a controllable humanity, is
painted to the images
of their angels, demons,
declarations of love and war bibles..."

you seem so excited to go back
as if you were Clarice Starling
finally able to rescue the lambs

well then, baby 
please be careful
if you venture there
it will be full
of fascist underpinnings
rocket propelled grenades
shell corners of buildings
ghosts in ashen time
it will no longer remind you
why we milled once
with reason to know
each other well enough
not to arm our ideological differences

we are the many eyes
of civil class fragmentation
we are roses now 
bottom feeding
the dreams here 
simple to overhanged reach
the wind knows we play lotteries
why we chance for stone
and any end we can 
any concussive language 
upgrade from silence
to learn another 
way of expressing love
perhaps, that is
the only thing
that matters

so hush my little baby
don’t say a word
the songs you remember
are the mockingbird’s
and even if all the diamonds
are but squeezed coal
remember my baby
to hang onto your soul