March 22, 2013

while listening to Debussey's 'Trois Nocturnes'

photo by Valiena © via Flickr

reasons you die, reasons you live

the sinful ones remain
shadow velvet boxes
lined with death
with things jeweled
thoughts and rings
stars fading to black
the reach of fingers
in silent thirsty lips
the taste of flesh wanting
near an open window
rumpled silhouettes
cities in cotton
poked through  
feet needing shoes

this dream goes
cobbler blue
elves drunk too
and you
arching the small
of your back
as I play baby crawling
into your womb again
I nibble your name
tracing each letter
between my teeth and lips
trying hard not to give in
to murderous lust

I want to tear in
watch blood flow
stain the bed
in petal fantasy
with every flower
I’ve ever imagined
worn as a last smile
a seed grown
an instant
a coalesce
a vapor
a congeal

only the cart peddlers
will ever know
it was you, once
and they will know
the price I paid
to the ceilings
and skies
with skin and bone

so tell me
quivering between
passion and fear
why should I not
take your life
to drink you down
and roar past

the animal inside
free to leap
through the open window
wearing the wind
and the sweet
permanent scent
of your soul
blooming where
my memory
used to be


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