March 6, 2013

where have all the good Dales gone...

Jeffrey DeMunn as “Dale” from The Walking Dead via AMC ©

simple songs for what losing it all, gains ( an ode to ‘The Walking Dead’ )

with a jaw harp serenade
this is how I remember things
singing happy birthday to myself
holed up in someone’s house I will never meet
one hundred and eighty odd days since death
as a new form of life began its providence over humanity
at first, it was driven by mysterious amoebic dysentery
pharmacies running out of iron pills and such
soon the fevers followed, every minute was filled
with the dearly beloved we have gathered here today speeches
sorrow became commonplace, paranoia crept up to thin the masses
of their morality and there were less and less mourners by the day

pretty soon, nobody knew who was who, was the opening line
to the daily conversations of backhoe tines, funerals and graves being dug
I did not know anyone who came back, I had heard stories
on the radio about flesh eaters who were not people anymore
but were part of some algorithmic bloom pattern foretold by the CDC
this was a seemingly unstoppable disease and a not so neat
and tidy ending to the great American novel dream

the blood horde swept down the East coast
ran along highway 95, fanning out onto the asphalt arterial structures
that fed urbanity's reach into this great land of trees
once, we were what you would call cavalier and pioneer
desperate to make it work, but we got top heavy and bottom hungry
playing around in the sandbox as if we were going to be God
there were always going to be a Pandora to blame
there was always going to be someone held accountable
for how untamed mutagenic warfare became

there were always going to be more resources to claim
there were always going to be cures to the blues of humanity here
but one day the newscasts went static and tanks lined up
and the outsides of secure facilities went idle
all those short wave radio enthusiasts said a-ha we were right
and that was the day I knew I had to start giving
all my perspective back to what I thought I had gained

insects and animals, seasons and weeds
vines and leaves with nary any hamburger in sight
save for the disemboweled stranger stuck in a forever plead
of mercy, eaten on the outside of some locked lost kingdom
medical science practices got smaller and smaller
disappearing into unseen museums behind walls

we had, almost at once, put back all our hope to the wind
we came here, crossing oceans trying to find something
that was better than all of what we had experienced before
dizzy from trying to fill memory and music with how
we once reached beyond the horizon for something
to fulfill our destiny when we came here
from our very distant flat world view
we once reached with love, we once reached love
we once, we once did many things besides fall


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