March 18, 2013

wading corner, turning pages...

 photo by Matt Stensland ©

prom night eternities at the gas-n-sip

dive tying spy tourniquets
we want perfection not understanding
desire is a process and not something attainable
in convenient packaging, we try to sell life this way
past college into parenting mistakes, selfish like me
we don’t make soothing compassionate care providers
or lawn mowing wallet boardwalk dancers, tired of routine
we muck the senses enough to stumble feet to feet
flip to seat, have you any gum, I want a lucky kiss or two
aren’t you the one in the drive-thru that looked at me sweetly
aren’t you the one that said change is the only exact science
I can’t stop thinking about the polyester surprise
how scents gather two people closing their eyes to escape
to arms, is Jupiter in your clouded judgement
or is someone coughing out a lung in the apartment next door
pot smokers you say, can we get some before we go all out
on a puffed cheese crisp pig out, I promise I‘ll wipe my hands
when I go to the bathroom, yes, before and after
you cook the spaghetti, I’ll throw it to the ceiling
we’ll see if it is done being sticky, never mind
turn the TV on, it is time for spank party cheese cake jesus
what kind of cable did you say you had, where’s the remote
I need to see what the weather is outside and by the way
if you’re getting up could you get me another beer
I kind of like being stuck to almost cotton here
and I don’t want to move until I dry, say hello to the baseboards
for me on the way to the kitchen and would you mind pretending
you were some funny animal when you came back
it turns me on when I’m spouting ridiculous sentence fragments
racing like broken wheels into poems, watching your ass
this way and that way, without a clock telling me what time it is
or who the king and queen will be, sitting on the curb


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