March 28, 2013

slumming the white foam of Jericho...

from the film ‘I walked with a zombie’ 1943 directed by Jacques Tourneur

the filthy clean preparations of gambling amusement on Maundy Thursday

retire oh night
before the Sun comes
over slate roofed houses and
steals you into the brass-
snapped clutch purse of daylight
yes, there is infinite possibility
in the dark

sway baby zombie jesus
comes from the golden dark skim
of insects awaiting Spring
all its rain in warm pools
alcoves in the box scores come April
full of fancy regard for past time and pageantry
but come May we are screaming for gasoline prices
to come down and we blame political vanity and
its afflictive whispered affiliations
why does one party or another want
to take pennies from you to give to me
or some other arrangement of deranged
hanged man humanity in the trees

we, this blessed human race
erasing doubt in daily ritual adherences
starve sometimes for a sense of purpose
I know every day, I do the checklist questions
who am I, why am I here, what
is the reason for living and so on
I usually muddle through with extra coffee
until a beer after the noon bell rings
some mints if I am going back to work
but truthfully, bread and beer smell
the same coming off your breath
so until death does its part and gives me
the freedom of a flesh-less life
I will be right here waiting
at the corner of fantasy and scribbled away
napkin maps in horse track pencils
letters and numbers on drawn dotted lines
the treasured x's of hope and those fine parts
of women that seem so unlikely to cause wars


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