March 1, 2013

a poem for dr seuss...

illustration by Dr Seuss ©

at the bar with Mister Theodor Geisel

you have given us the reins
we have surrendered our pains
you say subside on collapsible accordions
you say ghost memory is afforded lords again
you say, let us play you a song
let us show you, you belong
where smiles do reside
let us play, let us hide

you say it is not miracles
it is not magic at all
it is only to remember
how sweet each climb
after we fall

so onward you exhort
to the steeds of our mind
you say please remember, resort
not only, be kind to everything
but remember the bell we are to ring
how sweet it is to drink in of the rain
how sweet it is to never have to explain
this world may hurt us at will and fortune
this thing called alive is so often
just a gild and safe den

it is why you say
we must smile in life
even if it does not come easy
even if the paint peeled strife
says we are dizzy and queasy

you say, this is why we ride
this why we so often hide
hopes for the Dawn
a crept Prometheus
a promise from each of us
this is why you say
the Sun knows our name
our skin, bones, souls and desires
each one of us reaching for the fires
you say, never hesitate to win
when you are ready life begins
you say, ride like nothing else matters
have wind comb your hair into tatters
for you say, here comes the gold
clocks are for letting go of control
you say pass the brew
two glasses quite full
pass here the tray
do not pass us today

we are
where we are
supposed to be
on a path of rhyme
in our places
in our graces
outside of our time
inside every eye
left side, right side
we are
where we are
supposed to be
we are part
and parcel
each an
so my friend
as you can see
this is the first round
and it is all on me



  1. I say this again and again and it bears are the master of the closing stanza x

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