February 16, 2013

skeleton and hourglass...

why is a cruel question

to go mad all at once is a frenzy
a tight driven whorl
boundless in an instant
to go mad slowly, is desiccation
a rock beneath lichens
desperate to hold on
a crumbled mass of ghosts
and memory given way
to the repeated rituals of the Sun

some say weathering is
the great equalizer
I say it is the paint of time
the applied geometry of intangibles
the reasons why humanity thinks
it can outthink itself

hear ye hear ye
a town crier says
with lantern in hand
ambling its light toward
the shadows as if it were
planning each invasion of the dark
any street can meet my expectations
before the cannibals inside me
become so hungry they mete me blind

I desire things slowed down
permanently spooled perhaps
a stopped elevator of emotion
somewhere between doors open
and the portage of desire
homeless is only a state of mind
just as feeling comfortable in one’s own skin is
perhaps reason left a long time ago, wisely
laughing at me when I crane my neck
to wish silently against the sagging stars

through the clouds
you are another anointed savior
on the other side of wanting
you remain just out of reach
without a name

my pockets are empty of clues
and ready to bargain
for passage on
to where only
an eternal silence
knows why I am here
as that question lingers 
just underneath my skin
I pick and scratch, waiting 
for the bones to win


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