February 23, 2013

facing the reign...

art by Carlos Ulloa ©

the grind and exploration of ancient dogma

history is a shirtsleeve propaganda
it says you cannot have
a heart that matters
if you don’t believe in me
it says if you see me as pyrite
then you are on a golden ship of fools
you are just another tool set sail
over my oceans, demented by my rules
it says, if you mean to stay here
then you must put your unproven beliefs
in my faith based geometry
you must bow to all my
high holy false idolatry
you must succumb to my right hand math
you must accept my disguise as divinity
it says, if you believe in only God, you lose
if you believe in God and the Devil
then you will have lived a blind dog’s life
if you believe in nothing
then the spade is waiting
to be your friend

but it also says
in quiet whispered language
hidden deep in the watermarks of DNA 
that if you believe in nothing
but what art and beauty finds
then you might someday know
how humanity is graced with a Love
I have been trying
to make you forget
has been here since before time
knew to call me by my name



  1. You do know the fine art of closing a poem, poet x

  2. love this line "you must accept my disguise as divinity"