February 26, 2013

detecting aggregate objects in astronomical images...

art by Alex Czarniak  ©

penning orbital gravity

you can write for mercy and
not know a constructionist tale
you can write for love and
release your guts for sale
I’d rather write for all of you
so you may know what it is that I do
how the range of color and emotions
are in my tides
painting all the things
I carry in the name
of need to ride

you can write for mercy
if you want to please
like me, you can write for love
if you want to bleed, like me
make it known
when you write
let everyone understand
things can be heavy
and sometimes
you would rather bury
yourself in collected words 
dug up like treasure
in the sand
like flies that demand
the sacrifice
of a body
to the whole
of life, again


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