February 21, 2013

between the jester and the crown...

you pull the puppet, I’ll eat the string

that neighbor in his late twenties
with his cute rounded ass girlfriend
keeps parking in front of my house
as if he doesn’t know this mentally ill poet
likes his space by the curb neat and clean
as if he doesn't know my storms 
need space to rage inside my head

maybe I should just slash his tires and
leave a little note with pasted letters
cut out from magazines affixed with Elmer’s
matted against construction paper
each one a different size and font
a note that says this scares me

somehow though I don’t think
he would understand why someone
could be territorial over parking
on a two way street
in a mixed residential neighborhood
but then I think this might be too harsh
of a way to vent my uncomfortability
with where his car is parked

so I think maybe he wouldn’t mind
if I parked my cock in his girlfriend
every once in awhile just to be fair
I promise to be neat and tidy
to wipe my feet, to not leave
until I hear her clawing the cotton
in between the muffling of her screams
perhaps then he’ll understand territory,
glory and the punch and judy stories
of good neighborly relations



  1. Bingo. Bukowski-esque without being derivative.

  2. Bingo. Bukowski-esque without being derivative.