February 1, 2013

arrivals and departures...

the crusades of carry-on luggage at an airport

every soul travels
burns metal
offers salvation
through generations
of spinning fitted lies onto
the skin and clothes
of an industrial revolution
and its bastards
with their holy smokestack fathers
and carbon silicate cycle mothers
we pour ash and DNA into
ghosts and call this a humanity
that drinks in the rain
as we might have drank
love once or twice
in our life
before x-rays
and scatter rays
replaced sunshine
and the hope
a quiet smile has

we decided
a long time ago
to never wrap the bodies
in foil but we were foiled
by that plan
as it kept mind control
to a minimum
so we set out
devising new plans
on the run
intent on drive through service
and the convenience
of blood-letting what
and who we are related to

we tried staying dry
wearing clothes
made out of toilet paper
we danced singing life
isn't all rocket science
but someone shouts, it is
don't we know
everyone shot and killed
returns back
to the womb
for a bigger, faster
more combustible
dream sequence
of calendars
clocks and twine


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