January 22, 2013

"...one step beyond..."

photo ‘Constellation Matrix (Lucus Feronia)’ by Nicholas Kahn & Richard Selesnick ©

Brigid and the incendiaries, build houses in liquid time

the sky is ancillary
to my needs
it is only
a call center blues
a lonely midnight
I crane my neck
and look upwards

my serial identity number
is inside the quantification
of the pierced black velvet
I open and close perspectives
depending on the weather

I want to feel infinity
in the dead light of stars
dusty neutrinos falling
through my face
like the grinding
of a cold sea salt snow
in mid Winter January
calling for attention
when the dark gets to you
go fetch the wood
the pull string Sun
is a close enough exit
bring yourself home again

our name is written
where never can be erased
we hail Madonna relief
the build of arid days
and choking haze
has us progressed
enough to spend millions
on waste water treatment facilities
only to learn, its potability
has back doors
120 degree angles
and variants
with larger atom idolization
of efficiency in the bent
molecular geometries
that hides all 
our heavens and hells

for the most part
we were always amazed
at the asymmetrical beauty
of this rationale and ratio
the tides and the rain
the simplicity of clocks
the carve of gravity

at first the changes
were imperceptible
our creeping gadget-ization
you could not see anything awry
based on the speed of orbit
and its tethering to two
dimensional calendrical time
but slowly, archetypal
hippy non mechanicals
began to die earlier
and earlier than
we thought
they should with
too many smiles
on their faces

perhaps, we thought
most people now lived longer
when wired for sensory reception
and welcoming technology in further
perhaps, we are depending more
and more on pure electricity
and perhaps we just never realized
that water could have sub atomic
mutagenic entities, lying in wait
dormant until certain trigger power needs
were met, based on an immortal
survival mechanism being breached

we had long ago crossed paired electron chains
and began to evolve into a bio mechanical sustainability
we are detached from emotional rescue
wild chances and hindrances of lotteries
are who we are now, possibility
and interpretation is what we are dissected for
to a future so far away not many of us
could possibly imagine it, let alone see
ourselves as we are now inside that vision

this is not to say that I view the current world
as hopeless per se , but rather that this world
is at a milliard-spun-velocities doorway vortex
and we captain an appalling lack of direction
a completely misunderstood cartographic knowledge
done with eyes and smiles silent, ignorant and seduced
the sense of smell paid off in whale spleen and beet pollen
language has become known as a prop for marketeers
no one is paid attention to if they are speaking these days
and it is this lack of direction, that is the only luxury we have left

it is a blind thirst for water
with our ever increasing needs
to bleed electrical power from it
that races us to consume everything first

we have become as heavy as heavy can be
we are mules almost, for genetic destiny
carrying sponges across rivers, lakes and oceans
we live, drag pulse to drag pulse
we are Lot’s wife
we are a looking back instinct
is there more, another door
can I get to it, can I have it
where the emperor was nude
we are becoming stark raving mad
wondering why we have to pee to drink
obsessed with making doors
instead of more skylight windows
so we can see where the rain went



  1. wow bleak...what are we becoming..and in the process doing to our planet and what will we pay in the future for it...will it be the next big commodity? nice touch with lots wife toward the end there as well...

  2. Wow! Where does the poetry end and the teaching begin...wondering why we have to pee to drink...I couldn't pick a favorite verse, they could all stand well enough on their own. I'm shouting through the virtual ether and hope you can pick up my charge...this is fantastic!

  3. Mind blowing and thought provoking write, where are we headed and will we like it when we get there? No!

  4. Wonderfully contemplative and intelligent.

  5. wow....is all i can say. thanks so much for this poetic voyage~

  6. Wow I wanted to quote my fav lines but theres too many. Freaking awesome

  7. Are you a scientist? This poem feels like the work of a physicist. I will need to read it several more times to completely understand the nuances, but it certainly gripped me and got me to ask questions.