January 7, 2013

inside, upside down, outside the window...

photo by Darren Williams ©

operator, one thousand words a day junction, please…

are jaguars
escaping the
chattel churches
corral of crying
inside the masses

weigh station blues
in lines that say
we didn’t mean to
keep it so greasy
going so easy
on ourselves
while hard on
the rest of you

no need to keep
learning in a world
is sleep turned 
to looking down
as another way 
of keeping eyes 
on loose footing
with the things
we take shines to
stealing ourselves
further in the dark

cave velvets
pelt felts, knelt
by the fire
growing shadows
in the stories
we tell wrapping
words around
daylight’s arms

we are wired
for sound, sold
by the case
loose wrapped to
direction, we know
crawling Nazca lines
sometimes, is flying
smelling, borrowing
and buying what
connects us
beyond the pictures
the paint, the alchemy
and the rain


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