January 6, 2013

five tomorrow scenarios, is a meal too many...

 photo by Tim Gasperak ©

the clouds decided to evade detection on way to vacation

they develope
interior monologues
with the Sun and
go about unnoticed
for the most part
peaceably hidden
in pockets of gas

they are congeal
problems at times
as clouds enlist help
serial-oatmeal-for-breakfast gangs
regularity keys, divine rain
transmissions of waste
to every exterior
useful skin

other doors
are containers
are carry-ons
our senses of humor
our odd off beats
our rests, are
births in the streets
we fingerprint to maintain
flight ballast
ballet balances
sold joys
and excesses

best way to get a tan
in Winter is to
rub ourselves
with wet coffee grounds
enjoying the cold stains
of circular tides


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