January 7, 2013

documentarian, a mad librarian, selfish with black composition and a number two pencil…

album cover art by Corky McCoy © from Miles Davis ‘Big Fun’ Columbia Records 1974

playing out the rests, in my life, at the corner jazz club

I slow down
my tarred feather routine
my boiled skin stuck
heavy thickened
rendered almost stilled
I am inside soft covered plumage
and the hidden ways
irony is emotional tattooing

I walk in and I am
hearing this immediacy
the plunge-tapping drumsticks
riding along the rim, knocking
pearl belly handling
the go round
the taut hide raw
ready and waiting
the brushstroke rhythm

you find your eyes
painting doll faces
in the smoky dark
and all we race for is here
kept for sale
behind the glass
the joint jumps
when another soul
gives in

the horns turn up
base slides between legs
as a song begins
to sing sins
are bottomless hisses
they take all you got
teapot journey
to whiskey sipping
long cycled time

intervals, thoughts
quick suddens
flap raises
rolled blinding
tensions held
released near
the front window
that knows
what shows and
what doesn’t
when the music
gives in


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