January 14, 2013

a quietly odd and warm, slow drape of Winter's intention...

photo by Christopher Crawford ©

what broken dolls, the weekend wanted

tomorrow morning
the ugly creatures
Mondays, sometimes
become mechanized
industrialized slave
component surgical
caffeine in drip lines

at the train stations
and the highway
city concrete and
steel geometries
the exodus
and busses thus
of worker bees
and ants marched
into commodities

wax sealants
are honey drips
poured money rips
cord string enticements
that bear resemblances
to the ancient figures
in the sky
we exchange
for paper

we amble
commercial kept animals
behavioral patterns
close at hand
in case
the humid rise
of lawn sausages
happens to indicate
an early Spring

how is it our entireties
of social aggregation
can come to effective
expressive, cut net ends
when hand to mouth burning
of the world around us
is stopped from the time
we are babies


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