December 23, 2012

poem 466 of a poem a day for 2012

eating your god for a zombie skull helmet
( post riot beat downs near overturned cars )

have you tasted
the sweet meat
of atheists
I over hear this
milling about
along the edges
of a back urban mauling

perhaps, they are
like the hope and
contraceptive machines
placed near the book repositories
they steal everything thought
not to be nailed down
filling every story told
when fear needs to be spread
rifled, ripe and juicy

barrel fired, huddled handed
breathed foul stench-ed
forever-ed in containment
pocketed sunrises selling
thin assurances
finger pointed ends of days
signatures, airborne
Petri-dish servants
we know how
to be told
to go over here
or over there
if you would please
when stumbling upon the thugs,
muggers and tick-tock-fisted
rocks held ready to strike

keep your biological
clocks moving
to midnight folks

chime and rattle
splinter beaten stick hymnals
play dead as you exit life

the strong armed parts
of our survival mechanisms
are often disguised
as an intelligence way
to say to all of us passing by
that gold sometimes
is a standard of filthy behavior
a model modern world
a strip science searching resources
in horde robot acquiescence

humanity is of no concern
we are told shuffling mold to mold
splatter patterns and pools of blood
merely mean these persons
have abandoned ideals
for a few coins and were late payments
away from big screen idolatry anyways

do any of you know their names
these lifeless forms, bleeding out
for the empirical norms
we have rummaged their belongings
all of you next in this line
of don’t know when
must tell their next of kin
they orphaned logic
for narrow minded compassion
for beliefs in prime number algorithms
and magic beans

personally, I keep quiet
move slowly away
thinking how much
I would love to have
a pea-shooter with sharp
hat pins and poisons
right now

who am I to argue
having mistaken
skewering hunger
for divinity once…
I just as soon die
on my own terms
thank you
I love playing the fool
for belly laughs
and a stolen moment
or two I can wrap
eternal sleep around


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