December 22, 2012

poem 463 of a poem a day for 2012

love is a blood pudding

how did you get in
how did you get yourself
inside my creases
how are you
this eased origami
between my scattered life
of circuitous fiction
how did you get
inside my words
aging like salamis
and cheeses
used to be

how did you know 
that mold kept
the preservation of flavor
concentrated inside venal fats
inside my vats feral
spicing desires 
deep pooling wades 
rippling and sculpting 
the menisci between 
the surfaces and
the flesh of things

as if every want
could be a wing
or an eye
and could become 
an oar
for more clocks,
cups, hands and feet
we pour ourselves in

each time
we say hello
another chapter
of life, heads
a two handed
turn paged
flag bearing
driven processional
all the horses
bow their heads
they know what
we taste like
in the flurries
as they are
cast past
what a low slung
clouded Winter can do

strung to every dream
in my exhales
everything kept
behind glass knows
I lick your name
in the frost
on the window
that I want to come
from where the cold is
to where every thought is
that taste of warm 
inside of you


1 comment:

  1. Your writing is always powerful, but when you write like this, it is an immaculate conception of grace.