December 21, 2012

poem 461 of a poem a day for 2012

art by Bernard Picart

solstice stood watching

turning wheels
rolling stones
down again
you are
a mountain dark
a slow amble caprice
a steep angle leaned
you are
a horned reprieve
thinning oxygen
for just causes

blessed is your day
so short stabbed
that its little arms
out the window
are a cemetery

this day
looks at all
the footprints
tided time
can remember
all the things 
souls pray for
anyway they can

whether aware
of each limb's
ritual or not
a holly king 
or oak king
high and holy
a christmas wish
kiss nested 
to yule fire
or other twists
at the end
of a year's braid
of what ties us
to that witch
we pray for
during the night
long enough
to begin stealing light
into wombs again


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